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We are K & S Educational Services, and we tutor children aged 6-18 in Maths, English, Computer Science and Business Studies. We also assist children with 11 Plus preparation, and tuition can take place both in person and online, depending on your location and preference. If your child needs assistance in preparing for their GCSEs in any of the above subjects, or with their 11 Plus exams, give our helpful team of GCSE tutors in Lancashire a call during business hours on 07830 534961 / 07816 249358.

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GCSE tutor in Lancashire and Internationally



Serving Lancashire and beyond for quality tuition

At K & S Education, our services include 1-to-1 and online tuition covering not only Lancashire, but children throughout the UK for online tuition. We also offer online tuition and IGCSE subjects for international students. Whether you are looking for GCSE tutors in Lancashire, or further afield, we are here to help.

Helping your child achieve mastery

We are here to help with a range of subjects from Key Stages 2 to 5:

  • GCSE and IGCSE tuition: Mathematics, English, Computer Science and Business Studies
  • A-level Computer Science tuition: Coding programmes in SQL and Python
  • Key Stage 3: English and Mathematics tuition
  • Key Stage 2: 11+ exam preparation and reasoning test tuition
  • English lessons for international students: Aged 6-14 years

We are looking to expand our repertoire of subjects in the upcoming terms. Contact us if your desired subject or age range is not in the above list.

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GCSE tutor in Lancashire and Internationally





Taking care of every aspect of tuition

We take care of the lesson planning, teaching and marking through personalised study plans for your child. As GCSE tutors in Lancashire, our approach is through Mastery Teaching. This involves breaking down the larger complex learning goals into smaller chunks, and ensuring each learner achieves at least 80% in an exam before moving onto the next unit. This ensures that the lessons stick, and that the student has mastered the subject matter to a high level of proficiency.





 GCSE tutor in Lancashire and Internationally


Blended Learning

In tandem with Mastery Teaching, our GCSE tutors in Lancashire will make sure that the student experiences a wide range of different learning situations. Blended Learning takes advantage of a variety of teaching styles to improve how effective the learning experience is for your child.



What makes blended learning better than traditional tuition?

  • Learners become more engaged
  • Children solve problems more easily
  • Improved retention of information
  • In the comfort of their own home, students can study at their pace
  • Get more value than the traditional private tuition sessions


Arrange private tuition for your child today. While we are based in East Lancashire, our tutors can cover the whole of the UK and Internationally, through either online or face-to-face tuition, as you prefer. Call us on 07830 534961 / 07816 249358, or use our contact form directly.




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We offer group tuition sessions on Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 11am, in GCSE Foundation Maths on Saturday and GCSE Higher Maths on Sunday.

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GCSE tutor in Lancashire and Internationally




Whether you are looking for GCSE tutors in Lancashire or specialist English language tuition, fill in our custom form or use our booking system to arrange online lessons for your child.

We will be in contact to provide all the information you need for your first lesson.



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