GCSE tutor Lancashire Internationally
GCSE tutor Lancashire Internationally
GCSE tutor Lancashire Internationally



Catch-Up tuition

We can offer tutors to primary, secondary and special schools, academies and alternative provisions in the UK and provide an online service to schools abroad.

Schools face constant demand to demonstrate good progress with students learning. In recent times we have seen schools provide revision courses for key groups by using their own teaching staff giving their countless hours – for the most-part for free which is a strain on human resource.

Outsourcing to external companies has had its pitfalls, unfortunately, the majority of these external companies employ graduates, not particularly in the teaching field who have little knowledge on the specification of the exams let alone being able to communicate effectively and adapt to every individual child's learning style.

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This is where we come in.

We work with schools and authorities to deliver rigorous, motivational and stimulating catch-up tuition that has a positive impact on students' progress from Primary to A Levels with qualified teachers.

We will deliver revision courses and school intervention to thousands of pupils in the UK in the years to come. Our teaching experience has led us to understand child, parent and teacher anxiety and stress levels during the academic year.

For parents today, the range of options for supporting their child in the run-up to GCSEs or A-Levels is increasingly diverse. We also appreciate that everyone learns slightly differently and that it can be difficult to know what will work best for your child.

Students find our courses effective because they are surrounded by a small group of focused peers in a similar position. Our Intervention courses find the perfect balance of support and encouragement that empowers students and propels them in their ongoing studies.

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 We are proud of the difference our courses will make, not only to students' grades but also to their futures.

High quality tuition in Mathematics, English and Science provided by fully qualified and effective teachers.

An energizing, engaging and inclusive learning environment.

Professional, well-organised courses with appropriate bespoke resources which are proven to deliver exam success.

Courses which are structured around your child's individual needs.

 For more information on K & S tutoring and revision courses, please speak to one of our expert advisors by calling 07830534961 / 07816249358 or emailing  us.






GCSE tutor in Lancashire and Internationally

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How our Catch-Up courses work

The focus of school revision courses varies between individual schools. However, generally, our schools are looking for support in the following areas:



  • Underachieving students
  • High achieving students
  • Borderline grade students
  • Gifted and talented students
  • Accelerated learning programmes



We operate a series of school-based revision courses running throughout the year. These high impact courses are:

  • Held at your location/on-site
  • Tailored to meet your requirements
  • Successfully proven to improve grades, boost confidence and motivation
  • During school holidays, half-term or at weekends





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Find the right Catch-Up course for you

One Day Courses:

“Get Ahead” our one-day courses are a productive, intensive 6-hour day revision course tailored around the group's needs. Prior exam analysis from the class teachers will help inform planning for this course.

3–4-day revision courses:

Our 3–4-day revision courses provide structured tuition and thorough exam preparation during key holiday periods

Pre-Exam preparation:

Six hours of tuition in one day usually on the weekend before the exam to complete students' revision programme and ensure they are fully prepared.

Summer School:

Our summer school course is designed to help students maintain their learning, so on return to school after the summer break, they will have the confidence to take the next step. Generally, the summer break, although much deserved allows students to lose much of what they have learned in the previous academic year which fosters a “catch up” culture in the new academic year.

SATS revision booster:

For both KS2 and KS3 is designed to give an extra boost to expose exam style questions and technique. These will be 1-2 days courses during the weekend or during a school day.

Free courses and assemblies:

Once a year we offer local schools a free -one day – revision course in Maths or English. We also run assemblies throughout the year on the importance of Literacy, Numeracy and engaging in exams.





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